Meet the DiZyme Assistant - Your Guide to Nanozymes Data

Searching through the vast DiZyme database of enzyme papers and datasets can be overwhelming. That's why we created the DiZyme Assistant. This AI tool helps you find answers to your questions about enzymes and metabolic pathways in seconds.

First, choose a paper from the database that you are interested in. Then press the "Ask Assistant" button to get started.
Simply ask the Assistant natural language questions like:
• How catalytic activity was estimated?
• What is catalytic mechanism?
• Are these particles dangerous for cells?
• Describe synthesis

The Assistant scans full text papers and metadata to provide you with the most relevant information from the database. Rather than spending hours digging through literature, the Assistant analyzes and summarizes the key facts and data for you. You get the right information fast without having to scroll through long lists of results.
Tap into the wealth of enzyme data in the DiZyme database with the DiZyme Assistant today!